Stellungnahmen zu Konsultationen betreffend erneuerbare Energien auf See

Wave power generation
Wave power generation
WDC bezieht jedes Jahr in einer Reihe von Konsultationen im Bereich der erneuerbaren Energien auf See Stellung. Wenn es das jeweilige Verfahren erlaubt, veröffentlichen wir unsere Stellungnahmen.

Scotland: Comment on EIA scoping report: Port of Ardersier Offshore renewables masterplan: February 2013
Scotland: Comment on Pilot Pentland Firth & Orkney waters marine spatial plan SEA scoping report: February 2013 
UK: Submission to UK Climate Change Select Committee: The Future of Marine Renewable Energy in the UK: November 2011

Stellungnahmen zu Offshore Windparks

England: Comments on Dogger Bank Creyke Beck Draft Environmental Statement May 2013

England: Comments on Dogger Bank Teeside A & B Draft Environmental Statement November 2013

England: Comment on Navitus Bay Preliminary Environmental Information Report November 2013
England: Comment on Navitus Bay Wind Park March 2013

England: Comment on Rampion Offshore Wind Farm July 2012

England: Comment on Walney Extension Draft Environmental Statement April 2013
England: Comment on Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm Preliminary Environmental Information Report October 2012

Scotland: Comment on Beatrice Transmission Works: Environmental Scoping Report: July 2011

Stellungnahmen zu Wellenkraftwerksvorhaben

Scotland: Comments on Brough Head Scoping Report: September 2011

Stellungnahmen zu Gezeitenkraftwerksvorhaben

Canada: Comment for investigative licenses at Southern Vancouver Island February 2013

Canada: Response to Blackney Passage Proposal November 2012

US: Comment on the license application at Admiralty Inlet December 2013 

Wales: Comment on proposed locations for Anglesey tidal energy July 2013 

Wales: Comment on Pembrokeshire Tidal Energy Project – EIA Scoping Report November 2007

Wales: Response to Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay draft Environmental Statement December 2013
Wales: Comment on Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Preliminary Environmental Information Report July 2013