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Zwergwal © Ursula Tscherter / ORES

Stop whale experiments in Norway


Tell Norway’s prime minister you are horrified by cruel whale experiments

For the second year running, the Norwegian government is allowing minke whales to be captured, trapped and bombarded with noise to test their reactions to it.

The stress could kill them. Even if it doesn’t, the ordeal will be dangerous and terrifying and we just don’t know the long-term effect it could have on these intelligent and highly sensitive whales.

These tests are funded by the US and Norwegian governments and defence agencies, as well as the oil and gas industry. It would be illegal in US or UK waters but by ‘offshoring’ to Norway, maybe they hope no one will notice.

Tell Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre that the world is watching and we’re disgusted.

What can you do?

Tweet the Norwegian prime minister. Click on the message below and it will create the tweet for you.

[sharable-quote tweet="Norway’s PM @jonasgahrstore is allowing cruel experiments on minke whales. Whales will be captured, trapped and bombarded with noise to test their reactions.{nl}{nl}🐋 It’s inhumane {nl}{nl}🥼 There is NO scientific justification{nl}{nl}✋ Stop NOW{nl}{nl}#StopWhaleTesting {nl}{nl} https://bit.ly/3Ne2YNm"]

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