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Commerson-Delfine vor Argentinien (C) Miguel Iñíguez



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Sam Berg in WDC's Munich office

BLACKFISH in Germany: Let’s get the message across with help from Alaska

When I first saw Blackfish in London in June this year I knew I would do everything to make sure many people will see this...

Anti-captivity campaigners gather in Brussels

I had the honour to represent WDC at the demonstration against the captivity of whales and dolphins in Brussels on June 28, organized by Yvon...

“If you start unilaterally whaling you have to pay for it."

This is the blog of WDCS team from IWC 64. So one more time: it is raining; the tovis are shrieking at each other; the...

Thursday afternoon: Smalls and Resolutions and the return of Fernando.

This is the WDCS team blog from IWC 64. Post-lunch, up on the main stage, the Chairman is seen to offer the Executive Secretary a ring. This...

The Greenland Vote Approaches

This is the blog from the team at IWC 64 in Panama. Many delegates, now too tired to vocalise, raise eyebrows to each other in...

Whaling in Korea: Some explanation

Report from the WDCS Team at IWC 64 Wednesday evening: Wednesday evening: many delegates have been drawn to the NGO’s reception – free food, alcohol,...

Reckless whaling poised to begin

Report from the WDCS team at IWC 64: Wednesday afternoon. So we are now half way through the Commission meeting and many matters of substance...

Korea decides to go Scientific Whaling

Report from the WDCS team at IWC 64: Wednesday morning; The advent of 'reckless whaling'! We can hear the Tovi parrakets as we wake up....

Parrots and Marine Debris

Report from the WDCS Team at IWC 64. Tuesday afternoon After a short visit to the world of daylight out on the road where the...