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Blue whale (balaenoptera musculus) A blue whale surfacing whilst travelling at high speed.

Und es macht doch einen Unterschied

Am 19. Januar erhielt ich eine E-Mail mit dem Betreff "Neuigkeiten zu AmazonSmile". Mit Erstaunen...
(C) Sansert Sangsakawrat

Blauwale und die Bedrohung durch Mikroplastik – wie wir dieses Problem lösen können

Unsere Liebe zum Kunststoff begann in den 1950er Jahren. Damals revolutionierte er die gesamte Industrie....
Verletzungen am Rückgrat von Walen, die bei der Kollision mit einem Schiff entstehen, sind besonders gefährlich. (C) WDC North America

Das alarmierende Schicksal von Buckelwal „Moon“

Verletzungen am Rückgrat von Walen, die bei der Kollision mit einem Schiff entstehen, sind besonders...
(C) ORES / Ursula Tscherter

Die Macht des Schweinswal-Kots

Wir finden immer mehr Belege dafür, wie wichtig Wale für ein gesundes marines Ökosystem sind....

Outdoor company rejects order from SeaWorld

Picture of Orca (killer whale)

WDC applauds the decision of Outdoorplay, a company selling equipment to experience the great outdoors, to reject an order from SeaWorld. Stevie Trujillo, who owns the company together with her husband John “Tree” Trujillo, posted this letter on her Facebook page:

Dear Sea World,

Thank you very much for the attractive order you placed with Outdoorplay. Unfortunately, we had to cancel your order. Although I would love to take your money, our company does not support the ethics of your current business model. There are more important things than profit. We hope that you reconsider your company vision, free the animals you have in captivity, and reinvent yourself as a true conservation organization.

Sincerely – TREE, Outdoorplay.com CEO

Dixie Gillaspie, editor at The Good Men Project, got in touch with the couple and asked them about their reasons for their brave decision to reject a substantial order from a company whose business model they don’t want to support. 

Since the documentary BLACKFISH premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013, the topic marine mammals and especially orcas in captivity has become more present in public discussions and also mainstream media. BLACKFISH features the story of orca Tilikum, who has been involved in the death of three people, and his tragic life in captivity. A phenomenon known as “the Blackfish Effect” has led musicians to cancel their gigs at SeaWorld or prohibit the company to use their music in shows (for example Joan Jett’s “I love Rock ‘n Roll”), school kids to protest against their school field trip to the amusement park and in California, assemblyman Richard Bloom proposed a bill (AB 2140, also known as the “Blackfish Bill”) which would, if it became law, phase out orca captivity in the state in the long term.  

Let’s hope the decision made by Stevie and John Trujillo will inspire other companies to reconsider their business relations with companies holding whales and dolphins in captivity as well. 

Über Ulla Ludewig

Projektreferentin - Ulla Christina Ludewig setzt sich im deutschen und internationalen WDC-Team für die Schließung von Delfinarien und verantwortungsbewusste Wal- und Delfinbeobachtung ein.